Friday, September 16, 2016

UDRC in MCM Case

I thought the MCM case was going to require the addition of one, or maybe two, spacers.  When the case arrived, I nibbled out a space for the DB-15 that connects to the DR1-X, and also for the DIN connector which sticks out too far to leave covered up.

The top of the connectors still stuck above the top of the case, so I nibbled out a bit of a spacer (I had ordered two) to clear the connectors.  All went together pretty well, except, the screws that hold the case together weren't long enough with the spacer in place.  These were quite long, skinny self-tapping screws and I doubt whether I could get them locally.  So I stuck it together with tape for the time being, and it seemed decent.

Then it occurred to me that the cutout in the spacer was quite small, perhaps I could make it work without the spacer.  Turns out the spacer sticks down into the case farther than the lid, so the modifications to the lid were even smaller.

Kind of a pity that the other stuff couldn't stay covered up; the only thing we need is the DB-15.

MCM has available optional covers for the ends of the case; one to cover the USB ports and RJ-45, with a knock out for the RJ-45

And on the other end, a little cover for the SD card.  There is even a light pipe, but instead of leading to the LEDs it goes to something that appears to be the Bluetooth antenna.  This is unfortunate because the LEDs are important.

Still, not really a bad little package.  I think it will work for now. Might need to drill a hole or two for the LEDs.

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