Monday, May 22, 2017

Status update

The remaining to-do item is BZ#1045, get proper Internet at the site. Although a pricing change at Karma has made this a little more urgent, there is a good possibility that the repeater will be moved to a new site somewhere in the relatively near future.

Because of this, it makes no sense to do something now, so BZ#1045 has been changed to "RESOLVED WONTFIX" for the time being.

The repeater does lock up once in a while. It seems to be far less frequent when it is set to digital only. The relatively long outage was the result of a corrupted SD card.  It was a quick fix once we gained access to the site, but that took some time due mainly to missed signals.

Stations connecting via D-STAR are logged by the repeater. For the most part, stations coming in over RF have been WB8RCR, WB8WNF, WD8BPT and W8QN. Dozens, maybe hundreds of stations have appeared through links to reflectors and other repeaters.

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