Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Status 12 Oct

Repeater has been running solely on Karma for a day with no ill effects.  The log cleanup seems to be working.

ID Estimate Status Description
917 2016-08-10 FIXED Order NW Digital board
981 2016-09-11 WONTFIX KC8ARJ as repeater
983 2016-09-11 FIXED Order quality SD cards
986 2016-09-11 FIXED Validate LTE
982 2016-09-12 FIXED WiFi startup
994 2016-09-12 WONTFIX Investigate hang time control
978 2016-09-13 FIXED Select UDRC/Pi Case
984 2016-09-15 FIXED SD card receive
995 2016-09-15 WONTFIX Investigate hang time in source
979 2016-09-16 FIXED Receive UDRC/Pi Case
987 2016-09-19 FIXED Select LTE provider
980 2016-09-20 FIXED Modify/Install UDRC/Pi Case
988 2016-09-20 FIXED Order LTE Device
989 2016-10-04 FIXED Receive LTE device
991 2016-10-10 FIXED Log file strategy
990 2016-10-12 ASSIGNED Configure/Test LTE Device
985 2016-10-17 ASSIGNED Schedule 2030 install
992 2016-10-23 ASSIGNED Make backup SD
993 2016-11-07 ASSIGNED Move to 2030
996 2016-11-30 ASSIGNED Test 100 watt amp

Bug status 2016-10-12

ID Estimate Status Description
990 2016-10-12 Configure/Test LTE Device

2016-09-12 10:30:32:  
Configure the Pi to use the hotspot network, adjust the backup
scheme for the external address, test repeater using LTE hotspot.

2016-09-30 17:52:38:  
Date adjusted based on FedEx delivery projection

2016-10-05 09:09:30:  
Initial investigation very discouraging.  Device requires a
browser.  On the website it indicated browser-less devices were
usable.  However, a month later the website is very different,
and it appears that a browser-less device costs $15 a month in
addition to the $15 a gig.

Will investigate spoofing the browser login.

2016-10-06 13:50:12:  
Initial testing with cell phone indicates that it might well
remember MACs which had been logged on.  Turning off hotspot AND
phone for about 5 minutes, next connection doesn't need login. 
Need further testing but encouraging.

2016-10-07 09:34:51:  
Powered Karma off overnight. Thought I also had phone turned off
but didn't.  After cycling power on phone, came up connected to
Karma no sign-in screen.

2016-10-11 14:20:41:  
Now connected to Karma. Appears to link to many (but not all)
reflectors.  Have Karma getting power from Pi.

Will run this way for a bit and see how it plays.

2016-10-12 08:47:06:  
Still reserving judgment until we have had a few days, but so
far, the Karma looks promising.  Some limitations tho:

- First it needs a browser.  It looks like once you have signed
on with the
  browser, you don't need to sign on again.  But there is a risk
that after
  a certain amount of time it will time out and need to be

- Because we cannot do port forwarding, we cannot connect to all
  but the key ones of interest seem to work just fine.  Some
folks online have
  reported a symptom with improper port forwarding where they can
link and
  hear but not be heard.  So far I haven't observed that

- Again because of no port forwarding, we won't be able to ssh
through into
  the Pi and thus can't control the Pi remotely.  However, we
should be able
  to control by RF (most actions yet to be tested - need to add
some more
  bugs to make sure we do that).  And we can probably provide
"pull" commands
  on a web server somewhere to perform the key operations of

All of this is resolved once we have "real" Internet.

ID Estimate Status Description
985 2016-10-17 Schedule 2030 install

2016-09-12 10:30:56:  
Schedule a time to move the repeater to 2030

ID Estimate Status Description
992 2016-10-23 Make backup SD

2016-09-11 09:49:16:  
Need to create a backup SD card immediately before taking
repeater to site

2016-09-12 10:32:15:  
Create a backup of the SD card.  Moved date to the day before
install since this wants to be the LAST thing we do.

ID Estimate Status Description
993 2016-11-07 Move to 2030

2016-09-12 10:54:35:  
Install the repeater at the permanent site at 2030 building.

ID Estimate Status Description
996 2016-11-30 Test 100 watt amp

2016-09-12 10:49:37:  
Repeater will initially be set for 20 watts. It is unknown at
this time whether the addition of an external amplifier will
result in excess desense. After the repeater is at the site, an
amp will be tested for coverage.

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